Professor U B Fuddle

Professor U. B. Fuddle

“Britain’s Most Entertaining Professor!”

David Black, who portrays Professor Fuddle, has been presenting educational programs promoting reading for over 25 years in libraries and schools throughout upstate New York and the northern tier of Pennsylvania.

His unique manner of engaging young people is entertaining, encouraging and informative. In this presentation, Professor Fuddle discusses the importance of reading, different types of literature, and the wonderful things waiting to be discovered in books.

Utilizing the elements of storytelling, music, puppetry, illusion, and humor, Professor Fuddle shares his love of literature and motivates children to discover the joy of reading. The genres presented are:

Fiction & Non-Fiction

Fiction is contrasted with non-fiction by a drawing of a fictional person’s face that becomes animated and sings along with the song, I Like to Read.  Eventually the face is erased since the person is, after all, fictional.

How -To BooksCaring For Rabbits

Professor Fuddle talks about books that tell us how to do things such as how to care for a pet.  When a flat rabbit appears in his hat, he refers to his book and then proceeds to “fatten it” magically!

Prince Lee and Lovely Ness


Professor Fuddle spins an original tale of adventure, daring, and romance with a great deal of humor and magical surprises while reviewing the elements of a story – setting, characters, plot, climax and the conclusion.

MysterySherlock Holmes

Two students assume the roles of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to help solve the mystery of the missing crown jewel.  The whole audience becomes involved as they follow the clues, identify the thief and recover the crown jewel in a most magical manner. It’s really quite elementary!

PoetryLyrical poetry provides the finale for the show as Professor Fuddle reminds students that poetry is all around us and adds beauty to our lives. He concludes by singing The Rainbow Connection while producing a seemingly endless multitude of colorful scarves.

Pico and Professor Fuddle

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