Professor U B Fuddle

Professor U. B. Fuddle

“Britain’s Most Entertaining Professor!”

Hi, David Black here. As an educator, entertainer, actor, and magician I have been presenting educational programs in elementary schools and libraries throughout upstate New York and the northern tier of Pennsylvania for over 25 years.

In response to numerous requests and consultation with school administrators, counselors, teachers, and leading experts, I am pleased to present my new comprehensive anti-bullying program:

Professor Fuddle’s Positive Action Formula

Professor U. B. Fuddle is a delightful character I portray in my educational presentations. Over the years I’ve discovered that Professor Fuddle’s slightly eccentric but charming personality peaks children’s interest in the topics that he presents. His British accent leads children to listen more attentively when he is speaking.

Experts agree that the key to stopping bullying is to empower students so that they do not have a victim mindset. Students need to understand that though they may not be able to control whether or not they get bullied; they do have control over how they respond.

David Black aka Professor U B Fuddle

David Black aka Professor U B Fuddle

“Programs that teach children how to get along with one another and what to do if they see kids who are being bullied, are more effective.”

Frederick Rivara

Professor of Pediatrics and Epidemiology, University of Washington

So what is Professor Fuddle’s formula?

Stopping bullying requires a multi-dimensional response but it can be broken down into three aspects:

Empowerment + Reinforcement + Persistence = Success

Professor Fuddle employs storytelling, puppetry, illusion, and humor in two different motivational presentations that empower students to stand up for themselves, stand up for others, and be the change that leads to a safe and positive learning environment.

Fantastic Friends is designed for students in kindergarten through second grade. You Can Be a Hero: Discover the Power Within! is designed for students in third through fifth grade. Along with each presentation, Professor Fuddle provides downloadable resources to assist teachers and staff in reinforcing the key points presented during his presentation.

Persistence is important because change comes over time. Some schools choose to follow up Professor Fuddle’s presentations with their own anti-bullying curriculum but we also offer a premium package that includes a six week curriculum and culminates with Professor Fuddle returning to the school for a follow-up visit.

This follow-up visit is unique in that instead of another school assembly, Professor Fuddle drops by the classrooms and interacts with the students. This is often coordinated with the awarding of “Positive Action” certificates and incentives as described in the curriculum.

“The messages you conveyed to the children during the performance also helped us reinforce the qualities and values that we are trying to instill in our Donnelly children while presenting them in a fresh and new way.  Your show was the hot topic of conversation later on that day at the lunchroom tables!”

Mary Frances Charsky

Principal, Donnelly Elementary

Pico and Professor Fuddle

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