Professor U B Fuddle

Your Summer Reading Program Will be the Talk of the Town when . . .

Professor U B Fuddle

“Britain’s Most Entertaining Professor”

Visits Your Library This Year!

A Few Comments From Past Shows!

“Wonderful, very exciting and engaging!”

– TJ Watson Elementary

"A delicate balance of literacy, fun, & delightful magic!"

– John R Harshaw Primary

“An outstanding presentation!”

– Audriell Lynch – Ellen Bustin Elementary

"He knows his subject matter and is a super performer. Bravo!”

– East Middle School
Binghamton NY

David Black, who portrays Professor Fuddle, has been presenting educational programs promoting reading for over 25 years in libraries and schools throughout upstate New York and the northern tier of Pennsylvania.

His unique manner of engaging young people is entertaining, encouraging and informative. This summer’s program focuses on the mind/body connection necessary for success in sports and healthy living.

Utilizing the elements of storytelling, music, puppetry, illusion, and humor, Professor Fuddle shares his love of literature and motivates children to discover the joy of sports, fitness, and healthy living through reading in this ALL NEW EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM …

“Exercise Your Mind and Live Healthy!”

The fun starts even as the audience arrives with Professor Fuddle leading a few mind/body exercises. Then the program really gets rolling as Professor Fuddle takes ordinary objects like a jump rope, a steel ball, a piece of pipe, a sports head band, an Oreo cookie, a baseball card, or even a paper bag and causes extraordinary things to happen while educating his audience about the importance of  exercise, good nutrition, and reading.

On your mark ... Get set ... Read!

Parents Will Be Thrilled

When Their Kids Get Excited About Eating Healthy Foods!

Professor Fuddle is joined by Pico [PEE-koo], his lovable, but sometimes silly, Portuguese water dog puppet to encourage kids to make healthy food choices. Pico learns from reading the book, Eat Lots of Colors: A Colorful Look at Healthy Nutrition for Children, that eating colorful fruits, nuts, and vegetables makes him strong and healthy. The children just love Pico and Professor Fuddle is happy to visit after the program finishes so that children can pet and take pictures with Pico.

Professor Fuddle takes pride in making his presentations memorable and uplifting. He treats the children and adults with respect both in use of appropriate language and by making certain that no one feels embarrassed or looks foolish while in the spotlight.


Details for Exercise Your Mind and Live Healthy!

  • The presentation lasts about 45 minutes.
  • Professor Fuddle arrives one hour prior to start time to set up and provides his own backdrop, sound and other performance equipment.
  • Professor Fuddle begins fun mind/body activities with the audience about fifteen minutes before the 45 minute presentation.
  • Professor Fuddle is available to visit with your guests for about 30 minutes following the presentation before he needs to pack up his equipment.
  • Your library provides a minimum 10 foot wide by 8 foot deep performing space and a convenient electrical outlet.


Pico & the Professor

“You have an easy way with an audience that is very professional and yet very accessible to the children. You could tell from the response of the people that morning that you were a big hit!”

Vestal Public Library

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