David Black aka Professor UB Fuddle
Who is Professor Fuddle?

Professor Fuddle is a character created by David Black (actor, magician, teacher, entertainer) for his educational programs. Over the years David has discovered that Professor Fuddle’s slightly eccentric but charming personality peaks children’s interest in the topics that he presents. Interestingly, his British accent causes children to listen more attentively when he is speaking.

Who is David Black?

David Black is an actor, magician, educator and entertainer who has been presenting educational themed programs for over 25 years in elementary schools and libraries throughout upstate New York and the northern tier of Pennsylvania.  He lives just north of Binghamton, New York with his wife, Teddi and a menangerie of feathered and furry pets. David is also the proud father of two adult children; Cameron and Julia.

Who is Pico?

Pico [PEE-koo] is Professor Fuddle’s Portuguese water dog puppet. The puppet was created by Folkmanis puppets, a leading creator of realistic animal puppets.  Children adore Pico’s lovable, though sometimes silly, personality. Portuguese Water Dogs are prized for their hypoallergenic fur.  They don’t shed from an ‘under coat’ which is the cause of most allergies to dogs.  They may have been in existence since as early as 400 A.D.  The most famous Portuguese water dog is America’s “First Dog,” Bo, who was given to the Obama family as a gift in 2009.

How do I schedule a performance?

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    Is the program clean and appropriate for children and families?

    Most definitely!  I take pride in presenting shows that would never embarrass the school or library that is hosting my program or make the audience members uncomfortable. The language and humor I use is always positive and uplifting.

    Can you perform outdoors?

    Yes I can providing the weather cooperates. But if the wind is blowing even a little, that can be too much as my backdrop will then act as a sail causing it to tip over and some of my props might will blow away. Other considerations to keep in mind are providing a flat surface for me to perform on and keeping the sun out of the audience’s eyes. Also, if there is a chance of rain, it is cumbersome and time consuming to move everything and everyone out of the rain. It’s always safer to have it indoors plus there will be less distractions.

    How much space do you need?

    I need a minimum of ten feet side to side and eight feet from the back to the first row of audience members for my performance area. It is also best to have the audience seated in front of me instead of wrapping around the sides.  Kids can be seated on the floor.

    Do we need to provide any special equipment?

    Professor Fuddle arrives with his own backdrop, sound equipment, and performance equipment. It is helpful to have an electrical outlet available close to where he will perform.

    Do you do anything with fire or messy items?

    Professor Fuddle does not use any fire effects.  He also doesn’t believe in leaving a mess behind for someone else to clean up.